"Tuctr ali aeni sollicki muis sed nibh vl a sit amet nibh vulpate. Lorem tu ipsn gravida nibh vel velit."

- Time Magazine


"Bone Chilling! What an incredible tribute to our Veterans"

- Recoil Magazine


"Raw, unfiltered story of the American War Fighter told in the most real way possible. This hits the soul!"

- North American Rescue

Lionhearted hits you hard in the gut and the heart. At times it made me cry but more importantly, it made me appreciate the stories of our warriors who allow us the freedoms we have and the sacrifices they make. A Must See and Must Share Film.

- VetFlix

We are honored to have Lionhearted on display and in our collection. This speaks to veterans and the broader society about the true, honest impact of combat.

- National Veterans Art Museum


"This is what it looks like to truly listen and uplift the stories of our modern day Veteran. Lionhearted is a must see. BRAVO Shane Ruiz!"

- The American Legion

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