Together, We Save Lives®

To some, these may be mere words, remnants of a time when companies embraced their history and delivered on their promises. At The Safariland Group we live those values every day. We live them when we empower over two thousand people to design, engineer, research and deliver our protective equipment products to those that protect us. We live them as we continuously seek new innovations to add to the premier group of Safariland brands that have been protecting law enforcement, military and security professionals for over half a century. We live them when we help save lives. From the front lines to back home, our veterans have made tremendous sacrifices for their families, their communities and our country. But the brave and determined have become increasingly lost and forgotten. The ravages of PTSD, body mutilation due to IEDs, and nightmares resounding with echoes of the battlefield are often the private hells of our returned heroes and warriors.

Lionhearted hits you hard in the gut and the heart. At times it made me cry but more importantly, it made me appreciate the stories of our warriors who allow us the freedoms we have and the sacrifices they make. A Must See and Must Share Film.

- VetFlix

We are honored to have Lionhearted on display and in our collection. This speaks to veterans and the broader society about the true, honest impact of combat.

- National Veterans Art Museum


"This is what it looks like to truly listen and uplift the stories of our modern day Veteran. Lionhearted is a must see. BRAVO Shane Ruiz!"

- The American Legion


"Raw, unfiltered story of the American War Fighter told in the most real way possible. This hits the soul!"

- North American Rescue


"Bone Chilling! What an incredible tribute to our Veterans"

- RECOIL Magazine

The Untold Stories

A short narrative film is being produced that spotlights these warriors’ stories of courage, combat and comradery while in Afghanistan, Iraq and other active war zones. The video features interviews conducted veteran-to-veteran, as well as footage of both combat and their present day home and work life. The project is being released on Veteran’s Day at the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago, Illinois, where the film crew is set to capture the unveiling of the veterans’ individual art pieces and celebration of their service.